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Does The Narcissist Love Me?

In actuality, the Narcissist is incapable of loving anyone other than themselves.  The irony is that, they are extremely skilled at pretending to love but don’t possess the ability to love.  This concept is oftentimes impossible for the victim to comprehend since what they remember is the blissful beginnings of the love bombing stage.  However, the euphoric manner in which the love bombing stage unfolds is meticulously calculated.

The Narcissist is well aware that if this stage is carried out properly, it will be the glue that holds the victim in place once the onslaught of abuse occurs.  The victim will in fact bypass their gutted soul, destroyed self-esteem and altered reality, all in an attempt to get back to the blissful stage of love bombing.  And if by chance the victim musters up enough emotional strength to even think about leaving, the Narcissist will grace them with a small portion of this stage knowing that it will work like a charm.

The hard core truth is that the Narcissist is not in it for love.   Their position from the moment that they meet their target is one of jealousy, envy, hatred and rage.  The real question is how well can they camouflage and make it appear to be love?  And the answer is…You are worth more than that!

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