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Can Worship Help Heal From Narcissistic Abuse?

Last night I listened to one of my favorite gospel music groups, Worshipmob.  I sang along (off-key of course), worshipped God and gave Him my praise, with tears streaming down both sides of my cheeks.  Before I knew it, I began to dance unto the Lord with every fiber of my being.  Once done, I noticed that my spirit was completely at ease and satisfied.  My heart was filled with the joy of the Lord, and I snuggled on the sofa totally content with my soul lacking absolutely nothing.

Such worship reminds me of when I had decided to walk away from a narcissistically abusive relationship, feeling like the inside of me was completely gutted and destroyed.  Yet, when I would take the time to worship, something inside of me would come alive, like a refreshing stream of spiritual water flowed through me, literally.  During that time, I began to make worship a part of my daily devotion and time spent with God.  It was something about worship that reached down to places within me that were in desperate need of a touch from God.

Through worship parts of me that were damaged from narcissistic abuse began to heal.  For me, worship is like medicine for my soul.  The effects of it are immediate.  When walking away from a narcissistically abusive relationship, it’s important to utilize what is available to us, spiritually.  We mustn’t overlook the power in worshipping God and spending time in His presence.  Even spending five minutes a day in worship can have a lasting effect, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  That being said, I highly recommend a daily routine of worship when healing from narcissistic abuse.  I know from experience, that it can make a world of difference, in the healing process.

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