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Hi, I’m Wendy Collier

A Domestic Violence Advocate that helps Christian Women who are so over Narcissistically Abusive men identify them before getting involved…OR…how to identify if you are already in relationship with one.

My Story

Like a possum in the middle of route 95 during rush hour…it hit me.  I was looking the age of fifty years old in the face, and the revelation of being in yet another Narcissistic relationship was mocking my life and my future.   I was tired of being deceived, and to be frank, I was disgusted by the outright trickery showing up in my life again and again.  A different face, but I was continually dating the same man.

How could I have been deceived again?

This was the final straw!  I vowed never to find myself in this compromising position.  Whatever it would take to learn on a more in-depth level about the hidden techniques, I was willing to do, and I was one hundred percent committed.

In time, I was able to connect the dots between their behavior and the intended desire of their actions.  I noticed there was a hidden motive behind everything they did, and nothing was genuine about them.   

I saw how they meticulously hide their careless acts within the fabric of common everyday interactions making it extremely hard to detect.

It was prevalent to me, that I was not the only woman experiencing this and that I had to step up, to sound the alarm and put an end to this vicious cycle of trickery and deception not only in my life but in the lives of countless others.

I realized that until there is a thorough understanding of the systematic manner in which they operate, as well as the smokescreens that are used, women stand the risk of becoming entangled again and again, derailing their destinies by unknowingly wasting countless years of their lives.

Unfortunately, I wasted and upwards of 30 years of my life either being in or healing from the effects of this type of abuse, which is why I am doing this work, so you don’t have to do the same.

It is my hope that you walk away with a much greater understanding of the psychological warfare used behind the scenes by narcissistic men who prey on unsuspecting women.  If that knowledge when applied, prevents you from being manipulating into or from staying in a toxic relationship, my goal has been accomplished.  

Having grown up under the control of this type of abuse my entire life has been affected by it.  I emerge from up under the rubble of narcissistic abuse with the hidden secrets of their covert (or overt) operations to give you a clear view of what you have been unknowingly dealing with, so you can regain control and enjoy the precious gift of life that God has so graciously blessed you with.



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