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Lies We Believe…

The relationship we have with ourselves and our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ are the two most important relationships that we will ever have. Yes, the relationships we have with our loved ones are also important, however, our ability to be a positive influence to those around us directly depends on our relationship with ourself and the Lord.

When we experience narcissistic abuse, it often sheds light on areas of our life in desperate need of change, one of which is the relationship we have with self.

The manner in which we love, accept, and care for ourselves stems from our childhood experiences. Whether they made us feel loved and accepted plays a major part in how we see, love and accept ourselves.

When the process of my healing after narcissistic abuse began (totally lead by the Holy Spirit), God revealed to me that the treatment I was experiencing in toxic relationships mirrored the treatment I experienced in my childhood

I didn’t grow up in a closely knit family. I spent a lot of time alone. Many of the key relationships in my life lacked the love, care and attention that I needed and longed for. As a result, when the narcissist showed up offering an illusion of love that included abandonment, rejection and neglect, which was my norm, I embraced and accepted it as love because of having a distorted view of what love was.


What an eye opening tear jerking revelation this was for me on that day!

But it was also a moment of true healing and deliverance.

What has held me captive pertaining to my life and the part that narcissistic abuse has played in it has been the lies I was told and unfortunately believed.

Lies from my childhood and adult years.

Lies such as being mistreated and blamed for it.

There’s something so liberating about the truth that literally sets you free from the yoke of bondage.

The revelation I received that day was only the beginning of God exposing truth in my life that lead me into a place of self love and acceptance.

Are you believing any lies that are preventing you from wholeheartedly loving and accepting yourself?

It is my belief that self love and acceptance play a major part in preventing the narcissist from wrecking havoc in our lives.

Although we can’t prevent being targeted, when we embrace self-love and acceptance, abuse is no longer an option.

To God be the Glory!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, if I am believing anything that is not true, or that hinders me from loving or accepting myself, I ask that You would reveal it and deliver me from it. In the name of Jesus. Amen!

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