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The Hidden Betrayal

Why being friends with the Narcissist is never a healthy choice

Let’s face it, spending quality time with a friend can truly save the day.  A good meal, valued conversation about the intimate details of a never-ending saga, or even the discussion of a life experience in which you can authentically speak your truth.   There’s something about being able to openly share your most precious thoughts with a friend who will value your thoughts, cherish your life’s experiences and honor your relationship.   

A Narcissist is not friendship material

Once you become completely fed up with the narcissist and his shenanigans and you decide to leave the relationship, he will try to convince you to be friends.  What’s important to know is that the narcissist could care less about titles.  They don’t care if you are their girlfriend, wife, associate, or friend as long as they have access to destroy various areas of your life.  The let’s just be friends “scam” is a last-ditch effort to remain in your life so they can further torment and misuse you.  It has nothing to do with wanting to be with you or even about how much they care.  The narcissist only cares for themselves.  Everything else is simply an illusion to camouflage their real intent.

If you are struggling with whether or not you should allow the narcissist to remain in your life and try being friends instead of lovers, it’s time to get honest with yourself and face the hard cold.  Ask yourself  if the narcissist tormented you mentally and emotionally, turned your entire life upside down, and showed absolutely no remorse for their actions, what part of their behavior now qualifies them as a friend? 

The truth of the matter is that they don’t qualify as a friend or anything else for that matter.  Don’t allow yourself to be bamboozled by their deception and trickery.  You are worth so much more than the narcissist could ever bring to the table.  Give yourself the permission and the freedom to say “no” to their mistreatment and abuse and believe that God has something much greater in store for you.  Trust and believe.

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