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Sincerely Emotional Abuse

A Letter From Emotional Abuse And so we meet again, I was wondering how long it would take you to confront me.  I must say you were one of the harder ones to capture.  You forced me to be more skillful.  I normally strike at will, but no not with you.  I had to be wiser to deal with you, so I waited until your emotions were involved.  I tripped up several times before then and I even thought I would be exposed by your intuition.  But surprisingly, your intuition was ignored letting me continue my plan.  Once you were in love I was able to reveal myself to you little by little.

Emotional Abuse

  Emotional abuse is often referred to as silent abuse because the scars or effects of it don’t show in a physical form. However, the scars are extremely deep and take a long time to heal. Emotional abuse can be subtle to the degree that the victim may not even know that it is unfolding. Most emotional abusers are highly intelligent in the fact that their overt behavior is strategic depositing it’s poison little by little until the victim finds them self engulfed in the trenches of lowered self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness. Their tactics are so cunning that even the strong-minded, highly esteem woman can fall prey if not careful.