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What Just Happened…

The realization that the man you were convinced was your soulmate is, in fact, a Narcissist can be quite overwhelming.  The inner flood of emotions stirring up within can leave you wondering if you will ever recover from such a betrayal.  How could someone be so cruel?  Did he ever truly love me or was it all a lie?  How did I not know that he was a fraud?  These are just a few of the many questions within you demanding to be answered.

The Revenge of the Narcissist

When you have been emotionally tormented by the Narcissist, it is normal to find within yourself a burning desire to get the Narcissist back for what they have done to you.  This burning desire can cause you to obsess over the mistreatment as oppose to partaking in the actions that lead to healing and deliverance from the emotional trauma associated with the detestable acts of the Narcissist.  The problem with obsessing over what the Narcissist did to you is that it paralyzes you and keeps you bound.  In order to break free from the Narcissist completely, it is imperative to turn the Narcissist over to the vengeance of God.  God has promised revenge on your behalf so you must trust Him to do so.