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Hope Anchored in Jesus

Having hope is essential to our well-being.  Without hope, we can become sick in our hearts, mind, and soul.  To have hope is to know that although things may not be as you desire right now, they will turn for the better.  It’s knowing that a brighter day is dawning.  When we have gone through the unfortunate experience of Narcissistic Abuse, it is imperative that we practice having hope.

No Contact Like A Boss

Walking away from those that we care for is never an easy task.  Especially if we are uncertain as to how we ended up here in the first place.  I know first hand that this can be a very uncomfortable position to be in, so let me first commend you for taking a stand for the betterment of YOU! Secondly, it is imperative to come face to face with the truth about the relationship and why no contact (NC) is necessary.  Accepting this truth will help if you become tempted to open the door for the Narcissist once they begin hoovering after you implement NC.