Narcissist are quite charming to say the least.  And rightfully so, a lot of work has gone into building this fictitious individual and one characteristic they’re quite enamored with is charm.  Why is that?  Well, here’s one reason.  The Narcissist is well aware that charm is quite attractive, and they’ll pull no punches when it comes to laying it on.  One night with the Narcissist will leave you smiling from ear to ear reminiscing on the many heroic stories that bring about fun times and laughter.

However, the hard core truth is that the Narcissistic has no personality and therefore, they have spent numerous hours studying the charming ways of others and learning to mirror these attractive tracts in a temporarily successful attempt at portraying an individual with integrity.  But lo and behold,  the truth shall always prevail as the Narcissist will have a hard time keeping the next narcissistic stage at bay which is the Devaluation Stage.  And nothing can make them appear further from charming as the Devaluation Stage.  Get ready to lose contact with yourself, family and friends, as this stage in the game will cause that to come to pass with ease.