Christ Centered Energy Therapy

Let’s face it… Life can sometimes bring about the most challenging times, stirring up an array of emotions inside of us.  When these emotions are negative, this can have long term effects within the body causing a disruption in the bodies energetic flow. Stressful events and toxic relationships in our lives can cause negative emotions such as anger, fear, depression, guilt, shame and emotional pain.  When these emotions, along with a host of others, are not processed properly they become trapped in specific areas of the physical body.  Once these emotions are trapped within the body they create energy blocks.  These energy blocks can create disharmony and imbalances that lead to sickness and disease if they are not cleared.  Theses energy blocks can also keep you from living a happy, prosperous and productive life by way of self sabotage through negative beliefs, words and actions.

Energy therapy allows us to release trapped emotions from the body creating a healthy and balanced energetic flow.  Releasing these energetic blocks from the body brings about a natural healing process.  This healing process aids in and promotes a healthy forward movement, empowering one to break free from the energy zapping feeling of being stuck in one’s life.

Energy therapy can help:

  • Release fear, trauma, grief and more
  • Clears toxic beliefs, negative emotions and negative thought patterns
  • Promotes emotional health and wellness