Lying, Cheating & Triangulation

IMG_1184It’s been said, the way to know if a Narcissist is lying, is whether or not their mouth is moving.  And if so, then chances are their lying.  Narcissist are pathological liars, and this can be extremely confusing when trying to make sense of their actions.  That being said, for the Narcissist, lying and cheating go hand and hand.

Keep in mind that The Narcissist is not in the relationship for the sake of love, care or concern.  Simply put, the Narcissist is unable to genuinely love or care for another person.  The reason they are able to make it look like genuine love is because they are highly skilled at manipulation and masters at faking intimacy.

Unlike most liars and cheats, the Narcissist adds a vicious twist to the cycle.  While not getting caught is the intent of most cheaters, the Narcissist will deliberately orchestrate an entire scene where you and another unsuspecting victim are at the same place in order to create conflict.  Although this may be quite upsetting and even traumatic to the unsuspecting targets, it also serves as a source of Narcissistic supply.  An example of this may be the Narcissist intentionally leaving the door unlocked while engaging in sexual conduct knowing that in any moment you ( the unsuspecting victim ) will arrive.  The Narcissist knows this will cause you a great amount of emotional pain which also serves as Narcissistic supply.  The confusing aspect is how The Narcissist will take center stage acting as surprised as you are about the (supposedly) unexpected guess.  All the while marveling in their self imposed glory of being worth fighting for.