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The New “Stress Busters”

  Stress is inevitably a part of life and when a need is not being met it can cause us to experience a great deal of stress.  Yes, even if you are a Christian.  However, how the stresses of life are dealt with can be a direct reflection of how much we trust God.  I am not saying if you trust God you will never experience stress again.  Living a God-Centered stress free life is not easy to obtain. ​However, what I am saying is when your trust is in God how you handle stress will be different.  For example, instead of stressing and worrying one whose trust is in God will be more lead to pray fervently about their situation.  In addition to the practical disciplines such as: a healthy diet, proper sleep and implementing an exercise plan, here’s a few ways to close the gap between faith in God’s sovereignty over our lives and the stress of this world.