The Emotionally Supportive Listener

IMG_0661The Narcissist  is extremely skilled when it comes to attentively listening to their partners.  The Narcissist appears to be listening out of concern, when in fact, they’re actually gathering information that enlightens them on exactly what you want in a partner.

The Narcissist is also skillfully listening to determine the areas that you are weak in.  Once the necessary information is obtained, the Narcissist will become the very person your heart desires to be with.  This is why it feels like you have met your soulmate.  The Narcissist is carefully playing out a character that lines up perfectly with what you have expressed to be your flavor.  Next, the Narcissist, equipped with the knowledge of your desires, dreams and aspirations, strategizes a plan to destroy you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

What makes this so bizarre is the Narcissist will play their part to the point that you are not even aware this is going on in the background.  At this point in the relationship, you are being distracted with Love Bombing and Instant Intimacy which are creating the illusion of a perfect fairytale when in fact, you have welcomed an emotional con artist into your midst.