The Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the “5 Lies Christian Women Believe That Make Them Vulnerable to Narcissistic Men” Bible Study. Today’s topic is “There’s Good in Everyone.”

As Christians, we are taught to love and forgive others, to see the good in them, and to believe that everyone has the potential to change. While these are all good and important values, they can also make us vulnerable to manipulative and narcissistic individuals who take advantage of our kindness and trust.

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Narcissist men are skilled at presenting a charming and charismatic facade that can be hard to resist. They often use flattery and compliments to win people over, and they can be very convincing in their promises and commitments. However, beneath this attractive exterior lies a selfish and self-centered person who cares only about their own needs and desires.

One of the most dangerous beliefs that Christian women can hold is the idea that there is good in everyone. While it is true that every person is made in the image of God and has inherent worth and dignity, it is also true that some people are deeply broken and damaged by sin and may not be capable of genuine love and empathy.

This is especially true of narcissistic individuals, who have a distorted sense of self-importance and entitlement, lack empathy for others, and are prone to manipulative and abusive behavior. They may appear charming and loving at first, but over time, their true nature will emerge, and they will reveal themselves to be selfish and abusive partners.

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