The Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study – Day 3

Welcome! Today is Day 3 of the Narcissistically Speaking Bible Study “5 Lies Christian Women Believe That Make Them Vulnerable to Narcissistic Men.” Today, we will focus on Lie #3 “It’s Okay to be Friends with the Narcissist.”

As Christian women, we strive to love and care for everyone, even those who may not always treat us with kindness or respect. However, when it comes to dealing with narcissistic men, we must be cautious about how we approach these relationships.

One of the lies that can make Christian women vulnerable to narcissistic men is the belief that it’s okay to be friends with them. While it’s true that we should love and pray for everyone, it’s important to recognize the dangers of being too close to someone with narcissistic tendencies.

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Narcissists are known for their charm and ability to manipulate those around them, often leaving their friends feeling drained, confused, and unsure of themselves. They may use flattery and other tactics to gain your trust and make you feel special, but in the end, they are only looking out for themselves.

While it’s important to show kindness and love to everyone, it’s equally important to protect yourself from people who may harm you emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This is especially true when it comes to narcissistic men.

Here are some reasons why Christian women may believe the lie that it’s okay to be friends with narcissistic men:

1. Misconceptions about forgiveness: Forgiveness is an important Christian value, but it doesn’t mean that we should continue to expose ourselves to toxic people. Forgiveness is about releasing bitterness and anger, but it doesn’t require us to trust or engage with people who have hurt us.

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2. Fear of being judgmental: Christian women may feel guilty or judgmental for not wanting to be friends with the narcissist. They may believe that they’re supposed to love and accept everyone, regardless of their flaws.

3. Desire for acceptance: Narcissistic men can be very charming and persuasive, making it easy for Christian women to want to be friends with them. They may feel flattered by the attention and want to be part of their inner circle.

4. Hope for change: Christian women may believe that their friendship can change the narcissistic man’s behavior or bring him closer to God. However, this is rarely the case, as narcissists are often resistant to change and lack the empathy necessary to understand their impact on others.

It’s important for Christian women to recognize the dangers of being friends with narcissistic men. While forgiveness and love are important values, we must also prioritize our own safety, well-being, and spiritual growth. It’s okay to set boundaries and say no to toxic relationships, even if it means letting go of a friendship with the narcissist.

Remember, true friends will respect and support you, not tear you down.

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