What Are Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are harmful emotional energies created from negative past events.  When we go through an emotional event the emotions are felt and processed by the body/mind.   After being processed the emotions are then let go and we carry on as usual. For the most part, this is the way it works for positive emotions that result in pleasant feelings.

However, emotions that result in painful or traumatic events can be so intensified that they don’t completely process trapping negative emotional energy in the body/mind.  This negative emotional energy can become trapped in the physical body, the spiritual body, the emotional body, the mental body and even the aura.

Trapped Emotions vibrate on a different frequency then the part of the body in which they are trapped. This imbalance between both frequencies begins to distort the healthy frequency of that body part. Eventually, this imbalance of the energy field causes symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and even physical symptoms.

Another way in which harmful emotional energies are created is through denial.  In this case, the negative or painful emotions are buried and never dealt with. The only problem with this is that what you don’t deal with, to often, deals with you in harmful ways such as self-sabotage, addictions or even eating disorders just to name a few.